What I felt: More of a certainty that something bad or strange is going to happen. Sense of suspense. The dark silhouette of the woman in the doorway increases this feeling, as if the something bad that might happen is emanating from her, too.

What I noticed: After reading #2 twice and looking back at #1, I noticed that we're mainly seeing the protagonist as if from the outside, as in #1: He was "apparently in no hurry." We're not privy to his thoughts and feelings; we only see what he sees and what he does--except that in #2, we're told that the blood is thumping in his ears--which adds a sort of ominous drumbeat like spooky music starting up in a movie.

For the house, there's not a great deal of description, but I get the impression that it's a normal moving scene. The red leather wallet suggests a woman. The presence of those objects sitting out suggests their owner is nearby.

Wondering about/Happen next: I'm wondering if the woman opens the door without seeing the man inside at first. Is she going to scream next or say, "Hi, what took you so long?" The guy flicking the boxcutter seems up to no good. But what exactly is going on?

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